How Our High-frequency Trading Advisors in Dubai Can Help

If you are involved in high frequency trading in Dubai, our high-frequency trading advisors can help you  overcome the hurdles and barriers  you may be struggling with. Our high frequency trading consultants in Dubai are in place to help you!

Establishing and maintaining effective high-frequency trading strategies involves several important factors that have a significant impact. These are factors such as low latency technology, rapid tick to trade, and other technical requirements. Knowledge and experience are required to ensure that everything is  set effectively and monitored to make sure that it is working. This is where the expertise of our high frequency trading consultants in Dubai comes to the fore. They will ensure that all  technical aspects are handled while allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Regardless of what exchange your trading firm deals with, our high frequency trading (HFT) advisors in Dubai are here to support the fund’s goals and objectives and the ability to stay competitive. While other HFT trading companies in Dubai  may generally have effective strategies, our HFT consultants can ensure that you can compete without technical restrictions.

How does our High Frequency Trading (HFT) Advisor / Consultancy service in Dubai work?

Our High Frequency Trading Advisory Services in Dubai includes experienced advisors who delve into the current trading setup. The consultant identifies important issues that may be limiting the service and makes recommendations for addressing the limitation. Our high-frequency trading advisors in Dubai have many years of experience and technical knowledge and are in a unique position to successfully set up or improve your trading operation. 

Regardless of the performance of your current HFT system, our experienced high-frequency trading consultants in Dubai will assist you in upgrading and improving your setup, ensuring that the fund is successful.

Contact us now if you are entering the market to improve your HFT set up, or if you need guidance and advice on how to reach your goals. Our high-frequency trading (HFT) consultant in Dubai is the answer. Rest assured you’re in safe hands with the SisSoftware team.

We offer comprehensive high frequency trading (HFT) consulting services in Dubai with the aim of helping our clients  achieve their goals. High Frequency Trading Advisory Services in Dubai is a high quality service backed by many years of experience. This includes lessons learned on Wall Street and around the world.

 SisSoftwareFactory is unique compared to other high frequency trading (HFT) consultant providers in Dubai. We have plenty of success stories that we can draw experience from.

Contact us today to find out how our high frequency trading (HFT) consultants in Dubai can help.

Our commitment as your High-Frequency trading Advisor in Dubai

Using Experience to improve systems

Developing trading systems with experience and knowledge in using tried and tested methods with OMS, EMS, RMS.

What do we do?

We will advise on industry best practices and provide reccomendations on all the different modules of a complex/low latency trading system.
Working with your team we will close the learning gap and offer specific advisory that will return noticeable results!


Cut implementation costs by more than 50%, avoiding common pitfalls due to the lack of knowledge on specific technologies.

Unleashing Potential

No matter how fast your systems are, they most probably have bottlenecks that can be improved.

What do we do?

Our specialized team will audit and profile each system to find possible limitations. This is an ongoing task.


Improve processing latencies and throughput by more than 60%, gaining an extra edge and performance from your trading systems.

End to end Support

Managing technology projects and its resources can be tricky, to say the least.

What do we do?

Assembling and leading the right team for the right operations, and establishing the right metrics to improve the overall development process.
Evaluating through risk assessments, avoiding potential miss-steps along the way.
Defining KPIs and performance checks for the technology setup for maximum value on investment.


Our comprehensive support will aim to increase the performance of your tech team, achieving the organization’s vision, targets, and goals, while keeping budgets under control.



$12K monthly
  • Ongoing Technical Guidance & Assessment
  • Set the technology strategy
  • Set Development processes
  • Team Guidance


$16K monthly
  • ALL from #Standard
  • Full Technical Roadmap
  • Assuring Best practices are followed on every step
  • Designing procedures & techniques
  • Designing & Architecting software modules
  • Lead the Implementation
  • Handling Vendor's relationship
  • Hiring Process
  • Weekly meetings and follow up with the team


$20K monthly
  • ALL from #Startup
  • Gathering business requirements
  • Implementing Maintenance operations
  • Leading the entire technical team


investment bank in NYC - High frequency trading advisory to the rescue

An investment bank with headquarters in NYC needed additional help with their Risk Management Systems and the integration with their OMS


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Frequently Asked Questions


What does an Electronic Trading Advisory do?

An Electronic Trading Advisory advises clients on how to best use information technology (IT) practices to achieve their specific business objectives. In order to best optimize a client’s IT resources and practices, a technology consultant would also manage and implement strategies.

Is this Service for me?

  1. Are you looking to optimize internal inefficiencies? As your Advisor, we have a unique understanding of the workings of the internal tech environment, and highlights underperforming areas.
  2.  Product development is not going as planned? Quality issues, delivery dates missed, lack of features, etc.
  3. Your current tech team is (or soon will be) no longer in the picture and you need someone to keep things going until you can hire the replacement.
  4. You are building a quantitative fund, and need advisory with the technology part.
  5. Your current operation is already using Electronic Trading, and you have different issues (execution, slippage, misses, etc)
  6. You want to coach and advise your current team to follow the best practices.
  7. You are on the Buy-side and need to implement new processes for your strategies.
  8. You are on the Sell-side and must improve latencies in order to be competitive.

What is the approach taken?

Whether you need senior leadership consulting or project-based executive expertise, our retained Advisors can provide technology-centered leadership needed to match business strategies with technology architectures.

We provide consulting and advisory services across a multitude of modern technology solutions and service requirements such as cloud hosting, software as a service (SaaS), software development, on-site and offshore team management, and more.

What are the best practices when designing HFT systems?

Depending on different factors, markets, and compliances, this may vary, but some basics will remain the same for any trading system.

The key factor here is being able to handle a big amount of incoming information, response time to external events, internal response time, and capabilities to provide the highest throughput and lowest latency.

These are the usual challenges:

  • The system must be able to handle multiple strategies, making sure that the system will not underperform as we add more strategies.
  • Order book reconstruction from different venues. If we take as an example like the forex market, there are tons of different venues and ECNs, all of them using different API and connectivity standards. The system must be able to handle those different sources and aggregate them into an internal and well-defined data structure.

Is implementation included in this service?

No. However, whatever the plan is, we can setup a specialized team to perform the implementation.

How can you help us with the hiring process?

We have a global network of specialized resources and consultants, and we can make sure the team we put together is the best fit for the project.

How the onboarding process looks like?

  1. Capture of Business operations, culture and goals.
  2. Identification of bottlenecks and improvements to be made
  3. Draft of a plan and adjustments
  4. Team setup and definition of procedures
  5. Managing the implementation
  6. Handling project budget and resources towards the final goal
  7. Maintenance, support and constant improvements

How many people work in the company?

We have a core of 6 senior consultants and a much wider reach of associates in their fields. Therefore, we ensure all the consultants working for us have had experience in a senior role within the industry to achieve this.

We widen our reach to the US and Asia too through partnerships with agencies specializing in this niche.

Is this service suitable for startups?

Absolutely. For any startup starting a business in any electronic trading field, whether within the buy-side or sell-side, or just a small hedge fund, we can certainly give you the know-how of the technology part.

We encourage startups to work with us and avoid common pitfalls that most encounter in these areas. In the end, you will save money and most importantly, time.

How much money would it cost to setup high-frequency trading?

You will need the following:

  1. Quality Data sources
  2. Collocated Servers
  3. Software: platforms and execution
  4. People and resources
  5. Brokers

For more information, you can read our complete report here.

Can you help us to build our own trading platform

Absolutely yes. You can leverage our +10 years of building the most high-performing trading platforms and build your own, in-house system.

We advise from the initial designs to its implementation.

We manage the project with your own in-house or outsourced team.

You keep the entire intellectual property (IP) of the project.

How you help to reach our business goals?

Being one of the experienced technology consulting companies, we offer you access to executive-level technology expertise and on-demand full-time resources on a wide range of technologies and digital platforms.

The Advisory program is a unique offering where experienced technology experts chosen explicitly for your business needs work with you to ease and support IT and development initiatives, outline tech strategies and approaches according to business goals, and manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. The technology expert works with you to support as a consultant and is accessible in your time zone, on your preferred communication channels, and in your office on-demand.

High Frequency Trading Advisory & Consulting

Learn more about our high-frequency trading platforms here.

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We help you to build your own high-frequency trading platforms and infrastructure

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