ChatGPT and Algorithmic Trading

chatgpt stock crypto trading profits using openAI

I created a trading strategy by chatting with an AI, is it really possible?

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The images, codes and conversations made with this artificial intelligence created by OpenAI have caused a sensation in recent times, I don’t want to go into the details of this company but let’s get straight to the point, a few days ago I thought to myself hey I could get him to write a strategy in EasyLanguage from scratch? Let’s see what happened..

First I asked him if he knew this programming language, here is the answer

Then I asked him if he could actually code me a strategy and he immediately started throwing me this strategy…

So I decided to copy this beautiful code in the Tradestation editor and put this strategy to the test, however there was a small error in the code in the construction of the moving averages, and above all the short entry was wrong as sell is not used but Sellshort, so I asked him to correct these two mistakes, judge for yourself the answer…

I was blown away by this response! The AI understood what I said, understood where the mistakes were and corrected them flawlessly! I couldn’t believe my eyes and when she did I was truly amazed!

Beyond those two errors, the AI wrote the code in an impeccable and above all comprehensive manner, without using strange variables and giving random names to the moving averages, these are a sign of great efficiency and good training.

The strategy he proposed to me is based on a simple crossing of exponential moving averages and the market entry signal is given precisely by this crossing, a very simple and effective strategy, however one thing is missing and also important: the exit

By now amazed by this thing, I asked him to insert a Stop Loss and Take Profit

From what you’ve seen, I don’t quite understand what he did or why he used this incorrect syntax, but that’s it! I told him that he was wrong and how he should fix the code..

I’d say it was flawless, don’t you think?

Well this gentlemen is a trading strategy codified with an AI, I would never put it online as it is but the goal has been achieved! I must say that I did not expect such a thing and above all that he was able to keep the “thread of speech” so well and interpret my correction messages.

In my opinion this is a new way of approaching the world and the difficulties it entails, these days I have used ChatGPT not only to test codes in EasyLenguage but it has helped me a lot with Python codes, some problems on my spreadsheet and setting up a VPS, I honestly didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

Naturally as far as I’m concerned and for my field it can be very useful on some occasions, it can help a novice person to approach the world of systematic trading as it explains well every step it takes and does it clearly, I tried a few things in Python and I have to say it’s even more formidable there.

However, I want to remind you that strategy is not everything, the choice of parameters, exits, position management, performance control parameters, data analysis, the type of underlying chosen, the choice of systems, the choice of wallets, the complexity of a system itself are quite another thing that go far beyond knowing how to write code.


It’s early days but this is a good start!

What if I didn’t write all this?

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