Innovations in Forex Execution

Explore the cutting-edge strategies reshaping the forex market in ‘Innovations in Forex Execution: How Bespoke FX Aggregators Enhance Trading’. Dive into the complexities of OTC FX trading and discover how advanced FX aggregators offer traders superior control, efficiency, and execution. This in-depth article provides valuable insights into liquidity providers, quote types, and the strategic construction of FX aggregators for optimized trading outcomes. Stay ahead in the high-stakes world of forex with expert analysis and forward-thinking solutions.

How can AI and ML drive hedge funds?

AI is increasingly being adopted by hedge funds to generate investment ideas, help with portfolio and investment decisions, for signal generation, to manage risk, and in some cases execute trades. As interest from managers grows, and as the technologies underpinning these strategies continue to develop, what might AI mean for how hedge funds invest?