+ What are the benefits of a Dedicated Offshore resource hiring model?

Dedicated Offshore resource hiring through SiS Software Factory gives companies a better control over the project and the team working. We assure cost reduction, increased work force, stable project management with direct control over the staff and a hassle-free execution of the project to help you attain a higher level of accountability and answerability than possible in freelance and project outsourcing models.

+ Is Dedicated Offshore Staffing model a good option for me?

The answer to this query of yours depends on what you want to achieve and the level of expertise that you already have. A Dedicated Offshore Staffing model is apt when you are looking to either augment your existing team, have a large project that requires dedicated staff, or if you have a steady stream of maintenance and enhancement requirements for your software product.

+ How can I save money by hiring a Dedicated Offshore resource?

Hiring a Dedicated Offshore resource is a cost-effective business solution with skilled manpower, negligible setup cost, and zero employee related overheads. The cost of dedicated hiring would be 70% lesser than using in-house resources and 30-50% lesser than project outsourcing. Compared to western countries, the major costs saving factors includes a large pool of skilled English speaking resources and be able to work with Offshore resources in almost the same time-zone (-3GMT). Our extensive outsourcing experience and quick access to skilled technical resources helps us to execute the projects in a qualitative, timely, and cost-effective mode.

+ Why should I choose your services?

When you hire from SiS Software Factory, you get highly qualified and experienced programmer(s) to work on your project.

The advantage that you get with our programmers is that our programmers are more than just programmers. They are trained to handle the design, analysis and development of a project. This gives you the advantage of hiring one person will all these skills instead of hiring three employees.

As a company, we assure the quality of our employees. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the employee(s), we shall provide you with a suitable replacement.

+ Who owns the intellectual property developed by your Dedicated Offshore resource?

All intellectual copyrights of the work done by a Dedicated Offshore resource remain with the client company. We follow confidentiality and privacy policy for every client which includes your code ownership terms. We hand over the source code to clients upon project signoff.

+ How do we monitor the progress for a project?

Each Dedicated Offshore resource works under your supervision to help facilitate quick resolution of any project-related issues. You can directly interact with our dedicated resource(s) through email, Instant Messenger, or telephone. Our dedicated resource(s) work with you to determine the priorities and will update you on a daily basis and provide reports in the specific format as required depending on your "style".

+ Who will be managing the Dedicated Offshore resources? An unknown project manager or I?

The project runs completely under your supervision and you will be managing the project. If you think it will be difficult for you to manage the project, you may also hire a project manager who will perform the managing task for you.

+ What would be the work patterns of your Dedicated Offshore resource?

Our dedicated resource works for 5 days a week, as per the terms agreed. The usual working hours are from 11 PM - 9 PM EST. However, the shift timings can be adjusted to suit your requirement. All through the working hours the resource is accessible through phone, email, and various online messengers. The reporting cycle and reports in any specified formats are negotiated and open for renegotiation between your organization and the dedicated resource any time during the term of the engagement.

+ What are the infrastructure and communication system support provided to your dedicated resource?

We support our resources with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and requisite communication system with a fully equipped proper working area and tools such as, phone, computer with dedicated leased line for Internet connectivity and other accessories, multimedia studio, multiple secure web servers, an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and a secure and controlled access to facilities.

+ How beneficial is the Dedicated Offshore Staffing model compared to outsourcing on fixed price or Time & Material basis?

In the case of projects where you have a clear idea of what you want, a Dedicated Offshore Staffing model is the lowest priced option, since there is no reason for your software service provider to “buffer” or “pad” the quote to manage risk.

+ Will SiS Software Factory be responsible for the people I hire?

Yes. All the people you hire on a Dedicated Offshore Staffing model are bound by contract to follow the company's policies regarding confidentiality, Intellectual Property, security, leave and other aspects that are related to and may affect your work.

+ How do you ensure security?

All our employees are required to sign legal contracts to protect your interests. In addition, our networks are secured via firewalls and antivirus software. We also keep backups of all the data on our servers to protect against hardware failure or virus attacks.

+ What are your billing terms and payment modes?

All payments need to be made in bi-monthly basis on a net-15 terms, and a 60 days termination notice is required. Payment can be made via online credit cards (with Paypal.com and surcharges apply) or wire transfers directly to our business account in US and/or Argentina.

+ Are there any additional costs?

The only other costs you would bear will be bank charges which you will need to ask to your bank for certain information.

We don’t charge for the standard tools used on the computers of our employees. However, if there is any tool you would have us use for a specific project, we may require billing you for the same. In such cases, we will discuss with you before we implement such decisions.

+ Do you offer any discounts?

We can discuss the discounts in case you hire the team consisting of more than 10 professionals.

+ What is the procedure to initiate a project on Dedicated Offshore Staffing? How soon can I start off?

The procedure is very simple. Once you send us an email to info@sissoftwarefactory.com with your basic requirement specifications, our Representative Team will get back to you within 24 hours. Once both parties are convinced about the partnership, we can start off immediately. The time span between our contact and project start off could be between one week and one month.

+ What service level agreements and guarantees do you offer?

Before the commencement of the project, we will sign a Services Level Agreement Contract that details the responsibilities of each party, the deliverables, pricing, complaint handling mechanisms and delivery schedule of the projects.

+ What is the skill set available?

We have a pool of experienced & skilled professionals who can work full time for your project(s) in the following languages:

• Visual Basic
• C#
• MS SQL Server
• VBScript

+ Will there be an increase in costs in the long run?

We assure that there are no hidden costs. The costs, however, will increase only on a yearly basis which will be with respect to increasing employee costs. Please, request more information about those costs.

+ How can I make optimal utilization of the resource allotted to me?

You can make optimal utilization of the time and skills of the employee hired by you with:

• Organized project management
• Planned work schedule and assignment of work
• Constant monitoring of work progress

+ How do you ensure employee credibility?

Employees are recruited into the organization through tested methods of evaluation of capability and integrity. While entering into projects, all the employees who will be involved in the projects are required to sign confidentiality agreements with SiS Software Factory. The access to client information is restricted to a limited number of people and we employ high level security systems at their workstations.

+ How do you ensure that quality standards are followed?

We have our own coding standards defined by our Software Engineers. But if you would want the team to follow the standards prescribed by you, we can work that out. Normally if they do not follow the standards that have been defined, you will not be billed for the time that they take to correct the code. We understand that we can never fully make up for wasted time and hence our processes and systems focus on avoidance of such instances.

+ What about English communication skills?

Our Project Managers/SEO manager/Leads speak fluent English (written and oral), our general professionals communicate well though IM/email and other online communication tools.

+ Will the costs remain the same for employees with different skill sets like PHP, ASP etc...?

The costs will remain the same regardless of the skill sets of the employee(s).

+ What if my Dedicated Offshore resource(s) goes on leave?

If you are hiring a team of more than one employee, the tasks can be easily handled if one person goes on leave. Even if you are hiring just one employee we would replace for a new resource.

+ What happens if I am unhappy with the Dedicated Offshore resource?

If at any time you feel unhappy with the performance of the programmer(s), you can notify the issue to our Operations Manager. We will take up the responsibility of giving you a replacement.

+ What can you do if the hired Dedicated Offshore resource leaves? If we are provided a replacement, how do we help in knowledge transfer?

Our policies ensure that employees serve a two months' notice before they resign. This gives ample time for us to put in a competent replacement. We also ensure that a smooth transition and knowledge transfer happens during the same.

+ What if the Dedicated Offshore resource needs training? Who will bear the training costs?

SiS Software Factory will bear the costs for any training regarding the software languages that is needed for the replacement. If any new language or skill is to be acquired by the programmer(s) for your specific requirement, then you will have to bear the training costs.

+ Will I be able to hire more Dedicated Offshore resource at a later stage?

Of course. You can hire more Dedicated Offshore resource at a later stage and we would love to provide you with the same.

+ What are the conditions regarding terminating hired Dedicated Offshore resource?

If you are unhappy with the performance of the employee(s), you can notify us and we will take immediate steps to take him off the project. We will also provide you with a replacement ASAP.

+ What are my rights regarding source code, copyright, intellectual property etc?

All rights regarding the project rest solely with you. The arrangement is such that we are a party in providing you with people who will work directly under you. This gives you the sole ownership of source code, Intellectual Property, copyright etc...

+ What if the arrangement does not work well?

If you ever find any problem in the Dedicated Offshore Staffing model you can immediately bring it to our notice. We will take immediate steps to make good for the drawbacks.

+ Whom do I contact if I have any grievances regarding the hiring arrangement?

We shall provide you with the contact details of our Operations Manager and our CEO. You can directly contact them if you have any grievance.

+ Will I be able to access the code/source files during the development cycle?

Yes – you will have access to development/staging server and to the version control system (e.g. Subversion). We can also work right on your servers.