SiS Software Factory applies a Global business model that secures top quality and a significant cost reduction. This model combines offsite and offshore developments with dedicated resources according to customers needs.

Fixed Price Model
This model is suitable for customers with well-defined requirements and project schedules. The customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project to be delivered in fixed deadlines.
This model includes the following steps:
  • Customer sends the requirements to SiS Software Factory.
  • Integration Testing
  • SiS Software Factory team studies the requirements and asks for clarifications, if any.
  • Based on final requirements, a detailed proposal is submitted to the customer along with time frame and cost estimate.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal by the customer, SiS Software Factory submits to the customer the Software Requirements Document and Work Break-down Structure based project plan [incorporating clearly defined deadlines].
  • Simultaneously, development and testing environments are set up and the rest of the project team is assembled.
  • Development, quality assurance and all other related activities are competently managed, transparently communicated and seamlessly delivered by leveraging the power of our Project Coordinator.
  • During the field trials and after release, SiS Software Factory continues to provide post-delivery services, as desired by the customer.
  • Our post-release corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance services take care of enhancements and bug fixes.

Dedicated Offshore IT Staffing
Dedicated Offshore IT Staffing is a unique staff solution for small & medium sized companies. It helps organizations to fully satisfy their IT staff needs by setting up their own offshore development centre in Argentina, with minimal costs.
Unique features:
  • Team works with customer methodologies and/or our methodologies.
  • Team works on customer’s time schedule.
  • Team is supplemented with a dedicated support structure to ensure project success. This includes Projects Managers as well as team members.

HR Consultant Recruitment
SiS Software Factory's unique approach to contractor recruitment and its strategic locations in Latin America ensure that customers will meet demanding recruitment objectives -even if outsourcing involves the most demanding skills.